Thursday, 19 May 2011

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P1000290You know life is hard when you spend five solid minutes trying to ascertain exactly what day of the week it is and can’t be bothered even with the date. The difficulty is I’m sitting in café Nero at the departures lounge in Heathrow  and I can’t work out for the life of me whether I’m technically still in yesterday being Wednesday or whether it is already the next day being Thursday?

We had a couple of ‘Daryl’ size red wines last night which really put us to sleep on the plane over from KL to London, that coupled with sleeping tablets worked a treat, with us sleeping up 11 of the 13 hour flight.  After such busy days on Monday and Tuesday yesterday was somewhat more relaxed starting off with a session in the gym, followed by about what felt like 50 laps back and forth of the Pavilion (similar to Chadstone but about 4 times larger) as we kept changing our minds about which shops we wanted to visit because there were so many. Logically you would go from one shop to the next, instead we went from floor one, to floor six, then down to floor one then back up to six and by the end we were exhausted. I decided to take one for the team and had a relaxing pedicure and described it to Ben afterwards so that he felt relaxed to and didn’t feel left out.

We’ve decided whilst here that if we are going to eat the local cuisine (with the odd subway here and there) that it would be best to become fair weather vego’s. We risked it and shared some vegetarian spring rolls which would usually be harmless which came with an awesome unknown dipping sauce, however keep in mind that we were at a dingy side stall right in the heart of China Town. Much to our joy we came away unscathed without requiring any Imodium. We later on stumbled across a gastronomic feast in the lower level food court of the Pavilion shops, where we orded enough vegetarian cuisine to feed a small army. This meal included fried rice, chili fried peanuts, spring rolls and other delights we still are unable to pronounce or really describe what they were. This included the added bonus of being cooked in a clean environment unlike previous China town restaurant, translating to a reduced risk of food poisoning. After locating this fantastic restaurant the only disappointing thing aspect was that we didn’t find this earlier.

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Darryl 05/30/2011 05:12

You can always count on those Darryl size wines to do the job. Ha ha