Sunday, 5 June 2011

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IMG_1478.JPGOn a night out in Belfast our last night of tour, we saw a scragg fight in the street and some drunks passed out in the middle of the road all before dinner. After dinner we went to a proper Irish pub to what a proper Irish soccer match, Ireland v Macedonia with the locals. Just for the record Ireland won 2-0. On the way back to our hostel we sighted the Belfast police and their cars or should we say their tanks patrolling the streets. Next morning we went on the famous black cab tour of Belfast to the streets which were one battlegrounds. First the Protestant side then the Catholic side as well as stopping at Belfast’s ‘Berlin Wall’ to leave our own message of peace. We learnt more about the fighting and the peace process and the ‘peace wall’ that divides the community. It was definitely one of the highlights of the entire week. We then had some free hours to ourselves but a Sunday morning in Belfast is dead so it was pretty relaxed apart from the police and sniffer dogs patrolling for bombs in the main street outside the city hall. It was then back on the bus for the last time back to Dublin. With one stop on the way at another bloody church ruin. When we arrived in Dublin, we went to check in at our hostel only to find we had booked it for the following night. The hostel was full for tonight and would not refund our money for the next night, so another hostel was found across the river and some more Guinness was had to reflect on the week with a few new friends at the ever busy temple bar, followed by a mP1000564.JPGeal at Bono’s pub. 

Our extra day in Dublin saw us sleep in for the first time on our travels to date and then sussed out how we would get back to Derry to stay with our friends Clare and Jonathon and baby Sophia, with the bus being by far the cheapest option. We shopped for souvenirs and some new clothes which involved walking laps of the city comparing prices, then a reasonably quiet night writing the blog in our room listening to the busker down stairs try to sign Oasis’ Wonderwall over and over again before our trip up North in the morning.

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Tony Strachan 06/13/2011 11:15

Gday hv just viewed your latest photos. They are great!Yes ur bringing back all kinds of memories.So sad that trouble seems to be brewing in Ulster again. We can only hope n pray that sane heads
prevail. Ren n I have just come home from Portarlington Celtic Festival, which was a FANTASTIC weekend. Lotsa music, booze, mates, music, dancing, music, drumming,and did I mention the music? We
have bhodran drums and will get into them! Lookout for our tour of Ireland.Anyway continue on having fun and getting into your Irish origins. Cya later Dad n RenXOXO!

Liz Bastian 06/11/2011 08:39

My it's good to see those faces again, what an experience you are having and having a fab time an adventure of a lifetime you will never forget.Luv Liz XX

Jill Baskett 06/10/2011 03:34

Great to hear of your travels. I love Irish coffee.Mia was jealous when she saw the dog. Don't adopt Jill.

Dorothy Webber 06/08/2011 14:44

Great stuff. It is terrific reading about your adventures and the writing style is awesome.........Uncle

Dad n Renata 06/08/2011 09:41

Sounds like you really saw the sights of Ireland! Glad you are enjoying yourselves.Have fun with your mates, and we look forward to hearing more.Cheers! dad n Ren.