Iceland (April)

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It needs no introducing at all really. We visited increditble Iceland for a long weekend and it surpassed all expectations to say the least. A lot of people have said to us why Iceland? What's there to see? And umm where is it? We too asked these questions when we first met someone who had been there on our eatern Europe trip in 2011. In answer to the questions - lots of reasons, heaps of things and about 3 hours north of London. So from 2011 we'd decided to visit and after meeting a friend on our south east Asia 2012 trip who lived in Iceland - it just reinforced the need to go. So we headed off prepared for the bitter cold - as it was Iceland after all and we were pleasntly surprised to find out when we landed that it was actually warmer than in London - with a grand top of 8 degrees. On landing and catching up with the lovely Amy who we also met on our Asia 2012 trip (and lives in the UK too) we headed for the hotel - about a 1 hour drive from the airport, On check in once we reached the capital Reykjavik there was no rest - as we booked ourselves on the first northern lights tour leaving at 9pm that night. There was also enough time once we'd dropped our bags to pop into town and book ourselves on a full day glacier hiking trip - it was then time to meet Armann for a yummy spot of Italian for tea (we know not very traditional - but there was plenty time for that) before begining our tour. Once on the bus we were greeted by a tour guide who looked like he'd escaped from a childrens fairy tale book. As the night got darker and we travelled an hour plus to a national park to escape the 'city lights' we heard tales of the unknown and 'unseen' people or fairies - and at one point we were quite sure our guide was one of them. His heavy breathing into the micro phone wasn't creepy at all either. If this wasn't enough he also did that 'lip smacking' noise that Heath Ledger playing the joker made in Batman. Not cool! we reached the capit

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Jill 05/17/2013 08:21

Hey its back! The adventures of the lucky two.