Barcelona - June 2015

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This long adventure has been months in planning and saving. In fact we pretty much started making it happen after we returned from Central America in September 2014. Once a traveller, always a traveller, thinking of the next journey. Sitting up in bed one night, thinking about the adventures, we decided to start in China and make our way overground to Bangkok, however I just couldn't rest on the thought that I hadn't seen, one of my favourite countries, Spain for a long time. It was then I turned to Ben and made the split second decision that I was going to live in Spain for one month, mainly funded by the fact that I planned to volunteer for two weeks. Ben's first response was, 'can I come'. So we set off on 1 June to do exactly that.


Barcelona was the city where it all started - one of our favourites. We used the couple of days here to basically eat amazing dish after amazing dish, at restaurants recommended by friends. Paul and Verity said we absolutely needed to try Arume, which was indeed fantastic and not to far from the Indian quarter, serving up mouthwatering Spanish food. The other place was a fantastic tapas bar Sensi, serving up delicious hot and cold tapas. It was so good that we went back twice. Who knew that tomatoes served three ways (sweet, natural and salty) could be so exciting, This aside, although we did a lot of eating, it was not all that we did, we took the chance after living in Europe for five years to finally purchase a ticket to see inside Sagarda Familia which was well worth it, with stain glass windows to rival that of Notre Dame.


With all the eating we were doing, we thought a little exercise would be required, so took the opportunity to ride around the city and to see Barcelona at its best from a bike. From here it was a short two hour train ride north to Girona, our next destination on this adventure, for two weeks volunteering on an organic farm.

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